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Welcome to Nankipoo.com a small country town in west Tn
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Wireless internet grant and Lauderdale Co School meeting covering more info about the current wireless internet grant.


Cooks store 1977

Nankipoo was established in the 1800s. During this era towns were located sporadically. Each small town had at least a blacksmith shop, and general store. The blacksmith shop provided repair and construction of buggy and harness equipment. But it was the general store that was the heart, sole and center of the town. It was not only where you got the things of life that we needed but it was also a place to get news first hand from the owner or the "old timers". 



Tower Is Installed

Its here! Finally Nankipoo has high speed internet.  Yes that's right HIGH speed internet. And for the first 60 customers, free installation and radio ! A local network router may be required, just ask the technician when your free signal test is done.

  • 256 k x 512k   $39.95
  • 1.5 mb x 384k  $49.95

What do all those numbers mean? A LOT faster than dialup and much more reliable than satellite. 

Click the link below to get your name on "the first 60 list". Or for more information.

Email for more info or request installation